Types of mobility

Types of mobility

Svaagata.eu offers 2 types of student mobility either for an exchange or for a full degree as defined below:

1. Exchange
The following applicants are eligible to apply for an exchange programme (one semester or one year):

  • Bachelor level & Doctorate (PhD):  Students from one of the partner universities + students belonging to target group 3 (see…)
  • Master level: all eligible applicants

Exchange means that you study for minimum one semester at one of the European partner universities as part of your degree in your home country. You do not obtain a degree diploma from the host university. However, all academic results will be transferred to the home university and will be recognized. Full recognition is guaranteed by employing two ECTS tools: the Learning Agreement and the transcript of records. In addition, the partners commit to use the ECTS system or to convert the local grades and credits into the ECTS system in order to facilitate the academic recognition for each participating student.

2. Full degree
All eligible applicants can apply for a full degree at Master and Doctorate level (PhD)

If you apply for a full degree you will obtain a degree diploma at Masters' or PhD level from the European host university (after fulfilling all necessary requirements). Students applying for degree programmes must meet the local admission requirements and must adhere to the application procedure at the institution to which they apply.