Levels of mobility

Levels of mobility

1. Bachelor level
When the mobility starts, Bachelor level students must have completed at least 1 year of undergraduate university studies in India.

2. Master level
Applicants are eligible to apply if they have finished their Bachelor studies when the mobility starts.

3. PhD
Applicants are eligible to apply if they have completed a Master's programme (when the mobility starts) or have started PhD studies already.

4. Post-Doctorate
Applicants are eligible to apply if they are experienced researchers who are in possession of a doctoral degree or who have at least three years of full-time equivalent research experience, including the period of research training, at a research organisation established in accordance with national legislation and practice after obtaining the degree which formally allowed him/her to embark on a doctoral programme offered by an institution of higher education.

5. Staff
Staff members applying for the scholarships should demonstrate how their stay abroad shall influence the improvement of higher education in India, also how the activities abroad expectedly change the academic (such as teaching methods, curriculum development, learning material development, planned development of joint research or teaching with EU partner, recognition of studies in EU HEI) or administrative activity (in terms of higher education management, student and staff mobility management, recognition of studies abroad/credit transfer issues) in their home institution.

The home and host universities and the individual staff must agree on the programme of lectures to be delivered by the visiting staff, on the research activities or on the type of training to be followed.