Amount of the scholarship

Amount of the scholarship

A scholarship consists of : 

Subsistence Allowance

  • 1000 € per month for undergraduate and graduate students (BA and MA)
  • 1500 € per month for doctorate students (PhD)
  • 1800 € per month for post-doctorate students (postdoc)
  • 2500 € per month for staff

Grant  holders will receive their subsistence allowance on their European bank account from the EU university involved (account opened after arrival at host university). The first installment will be 2 months of allowance, the second installment will then take place the third month.


Grant holders are fully insured during their mobility period for travel, health and accident. Grant holders will receive their insurance card by email once the travel dates are defined. The insurance policy and claim forms are available online on the grant holder pages.

Participation costs

Host universities receive participation costs for mobility flows of minimum 10 months, which includes tuition fee. Host universities are obliged to waive tuition fee for mobility of less than 10 months.

Travel Costs

The project covers one return ticket.  The distance covered is from the sending university to the final destination for Target Group 1, and from the location of origin or residence for Target Group 2 and 3. The travel tickets are purchased by the coordinator, online and via a central travel agency.. Self-purchased tickets will not be reimbursed!