Results first call & consequences for second call

As the first scholars are arriving in Europe it is time to give you some information about the results of our first call. Here are the numbers.

Out of 268 submitted applications a total of 57 scholarships were awarded: 3 Bachelor scholarships, 15 Masters, 22 PhD's, 8 PostDoc's and 9 Staff scholarships. In the next call we have room for another 59 scholarschips.

Gender: 19 females and 38 males were selected. We take gender equality serious and hope to have more applications from female candidates in our next call!

Target groups:
22 scholars originated from one of our partner universities (TG1), 30 scholars were TG2 and 5 were from disadvantages background (TG3). According to our planning 42 of the remaining scholarships are reserved for applications from partner universities (TG1).

Distribution of scholarships according to thematic field

Although more thematic fields are open for scholarships, in we want to focus on a few prioritised fields. These are the results:

Prioritised Thematic Field (code)

Number of scholarships granted in call 1

Engineering and Technology (06) and architecture and urban planning (02)         


Agricultural sciences (01)


Social sciences (14)


Medical Sciences (12)

Law (10) 3
Education (05) 0
Other 25

The greatest number of applications in prioritised fields came from the field of engineering: 103 submitted applications, out of which 16 were successful.

In the next call we hope to have more applications in the other prioritised fields. Where there is only a limited offer of courses in English (Medical Sciences, Law and education), we will compensate by focusing on PhD, post-doc and staff.

Although we do know there is clearly a need in the field of education, we received only 3 applications in this field, All had to be rejected because we could not match the needs of the applicants to the offer in the universities concerned. The European universities will formulate specific proposals for post-doc and staff in this field, to give some realistic offers to possible candidates in this field.