A programme financed by
the European Commission

who can apply?

Is it for you?

You are eligible only if you are an Indian citizen. There are 3 categories of applicants, called ‘target groups’:

When to apply

The first call, for scholarships starting earliest in September 2013, will open at the end of November 2012.  Deadline will be 15th of February 2013.  There will be a new call at the end of 2013.  The application procedure will be completely online. 

Fields of Study

You can apply for a great variety of studies:

You can check on the website of the European universities in the partnership, to see what courses are offered in a language you can use. All universities have courses on offer in English.

Selection Criteria

We are looking for the most motivated students, with good educational records, with a drive to excel in academics and eager to learn from the experience of living in a different cultural environment. In most cases you will follow courses and communicate in English. You will have to prove that you have a good mastery of English in order to be eligible for the scholarship. In most European countries English is the second language, and young people use to speak it very well.  Of course you can also choose to follow courses in the language of the country:  there are offers in French, Spanish, Portuguese...etc

A multidisciplinary team will assess your dossier and select the best candidates.  The selection procedure and criteria will be explained on the website, once the call is open.

The main criterion for selection of staff members will be the quality of the proposed activities in Europe and the possibilities for a long term collaboration between Indian and European institutions that can be created by the proposed interaction. In order to prepare your dossier, the call for staff members will only open in the second year of this project (i.e. call open in November 2013, mobility from 2014 onwards)