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The full partner consortium in India comprises a network of 9 institutions with its core in South India (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala) – constituted with the aim of building a durable long-term consortium that will continue to collaborate with the full partner consortium of 8 EU partners long after this specific mobility project ends.

The selected Associate Members in India form a balanced consortium of four kinds of partners: (1) hospitals; (2) business partners; (3) social sciences academic institutions; (4) engineering academic institutions. The motivation is mainly topicwise; but also networkwise, especially for the South Indian institutions.

Partners in Europe

Universities where students with this Erasmus Mundus scholarship can come to study:

Partner Institutes of Higher Education in India

(only these institutions can send students in target group 1).

In Karnataka:

In Tamil Nadu:

In Kerala:

In Maharastra:

Associate partners

Institutions who support the programme and will contribute in different ways to the success of the project:

Partners in medical sciences:

Business partners:

Partners in social sciences and humanities:

Partners with a good offer in engineering and technology:

Partners with a good offer in sciences:

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